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We make you Love Your Land

We are a land and tree company that opens your land for usability, safety, and enjoyment.

Our Services

Land & Tree Services Serving Yadkin Valley

Land Clearing

Coming in and moving large amounts of dirt, debris, vegetation, and trees we can clear your land to create areas suitable for houses, driveways, pastures, ponds, and etc!

Excavating COMPANY

Whether it is excavating to install culverts and drain pipes, or regrading steep slopes or waterways we offer special excavating services for your every need!

Brush Cutting

When it comes to brush cutting and mulching we have your every need covered! Our specialized equipment can handle anything from thick grass and weeds to dense woods! We also have long arm mounted equipment for those hard to reach areas!


Anything from pruning canopies to full removals with stump grinding we have your needs covered! Also we have employees trained in special crane and rigging techniques! Finally don’t forget are 24/7 emergency tree services! We understand no one wants trees to fall on property or blocking access to property so we strive to have extremely short lead times on all emergency work!

High Integrity, High Quality

Quality Work We're Proud of

Our work speaks for itself as we have completed successful jobs for 100+ customers. We’re happy to provide land clearing, excavating services, brush cutting, & tree services.

We Make You Love Your Land

ways that your Land can do more for you

Open More of your Property

Expand your yard

Access More of Your land

Accident Proof Your Land

Who We Work With

Land Owners who are interested in getting more from their land are who we often work with. We find that land owners of properties from half an acre and beyond are our best partnerships. 

Client Testimonials

Drew Cain has worked on my property for several years. He is polite and competent and the occasions he needed to bring in large equipment, the men working with him were pleasant and knowledgeable. I will use Drew in the future for more projects.
Drew leads an amazing team that are passionate about land and doing things the right way. We cannot say enough great things about them and their work ethic! Highly recommend!
Damon Goin
I apprieciate your prefessionalism and effor to take care of the trees at church. Your professional bid was spot on and the work was completed in a timely manner.

Also, I appreciate the trimming of the trees around my home and like at the church, completed in a timely manner and at a very competitive price.
Whitney Davis

How to Work with US

Easy Steps to Work with us

Call or Text Us

Contact us with interest at

We Visit for a Quote

We're accurate. Our on property visit ensures an accurate quote and quality work.

Schedule the job

We will schedule the job with you to reserve your project time.

Love your Land

We complete the job and your land is exactly what you want it to be!

Work Customers Love

Our variety of services can help you love your land more. For leisure, for work, for safety, for your family!

How You Win

  • Your land is what you imagined it to be.
  • You can drive through formerly unaccessed land.
  • Your fields are easily graded to plant crops. 
  • You have a safe space for animals.
  • Your children are healthy playing outdoors. 
  • Your land feels more open and less enclosed.

How You Avoid Failure

  • You avoid accidents and danger because we remove dead trees and limbs.
  • Your buildings and property don’t suffer damage from threats on your land due to neglect.
  • You avoid unintentional harm to people or animals on the property from unchecked structures. 
  • Your roads are accessible instead of being washed out or blocked.